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The Experience

To dine at Addison is to find yourself at the center of your own private orchestra, masterfully composed for one purpose: to invite your senses on a culinary journey of grand proportions.

Amidst an ambiance of warm elegance, the prevailing flavors of the season take the stage, showcasing their rich complexities and enviable simplicity — enhanced only by the delicate notes of the world’s most acclaimed vintages. All the while, a passionate team moves swiftly, yet discreetly, to ensure your experience is utterly seamless, freeing you to revel in the exquisite nuances of every artfully prepared dish.

Course by course, the entire evening is perfectly paced, like the tempo of any great symphony. Even on the busiest night, you will feel as though you are the only table in the restaurant — where your complete comfort is paramount. And you are encouraged to stay and savor awhile — to let the experience linger long after the last bite.